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We believe in the power of community oncology to support patients through their fight against cancer. That’s why Navista has designed an oncology practice alliance that provides the support community practices need to thrive—while maintaining their independence.

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Our commitment

Our commitment

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    Enabling financial success

    Our unique combination of growth programs, preferred-duration contracts and capital financing support allows practices to thrive in their communities, all while retaining their independence, including tax ID numbers.

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    Easing administrative burden

    With AI-driven technology and proprietary practice intelligence, we help physicians to spend more time on patient care and administrators to focus on growth strategies.

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    Co-creating the future

    By inviting member practices to contribute to the alliance’s services and innovations, we can build a thriving future, together.

Our services

Our services

Navista protects the independence that makes community practices so critical to patient care while creating unique opportunities for member practices to grow. Created in collaboration with community oncologists, Navista offers comprehensive services with flexible, preferred-duration contracts that are intentionally designed to provide support while allowing practices to retain their independence.

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    Reimbursement services

    Navista provides end-to-end reimbursement support—including assuming responsibility for the revenue cycle to increase on-time payments and limit errors, as well as managed care contracting and drug formulary analysis.

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    Practice administration

    With business expertise and vast oncology experience, Navista supports every aspect of practice administration—from IT and operations, to financial planning and accounting, to compliance, HR, practice expansion, marketing and more.

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    Financial stability and revenue growth

    Operating from a position of financial strength enables practices to continue providing high quality care in their communities. Navista can equip eligible member practices with access to capital for practice investments, strategic growth support, revenue-driving programs, and local market analysis.

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    Practice development

    With streamlined analytics and experienced consultants, Navista helps optimize clinical workflows and offers expert support for operating medically integrated dispensing pharmacies.

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    Alternative payment models and value-based care

    Our in-house experts advise practices on value-based care (VBC) strategies and care management programs to succeed in the future of value-based care delivery.

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    AI-enabled technology and practice intelligence

    Navista offers a comprehensive suite of advanced analytics and technology that deliver meaningful performance insights and practice intelligence.

About us

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At Navista, our mission is to empower community oncology practices to deliver patient-centered cancer care.

Alongside physicians and oncology practice leaders, Navista was created to address the most pressing challenges and provide exactly the kind of support practices need to succeed and maintain their independence.

True to our name, our experienced team is passionate about helping oncology practices navigate the future—providing the access to capital assistance, advanced technology, and business insights they need, while offering the flexible models and preferred-duration contracts they want to chart their own future and deliver extraordinary patient care. And as a Cardinal Health company, we have the resources to invest in our alliance member practices for long-term growth and offer a preferred relationship with VitalSource™ GPO and Cardinal Health distribution.

Together with our members, Navista unlocks the power of community oncology to help practices stay independent – for the good of their patients, practice and community.

Leading the way forward

Leading the
way forward

The Navista leadership team brings vast experience in clinical and community oncology, business strategy, technology development and digital transformation.

  • A professional photo of Dan Duran

    Dan Duran

    General Manager

  • A professional photo of Nini Wu

    Nini Wu, MD, MBA

    Chief Medical & Development Officer

  • A professional photo of Sanjay Srikantaiah

    Sanjay Srikantaiah

    Vice President, Operations

  • A professional photo of Amy Valley

    Amy Valley, PharmD

    Vice President, Strategy & Transformation

  • A professional photo of San Banerjee

    San Banerjee

    Vice President, Commercial Technologies & Enterprise Digital Transformation

  • A professional photo of Anish Arora

    Anish Arora

    Vice President, Product Management & Development

  • A professional photo of Katelyn Jacquay

    Katelyn Jacquay, JD, MHA

    Vice President, Physician Alliance Development

  • A professional photo of Neil Shah

    Neil Shah

    Vice President, Finance

  • A professional photo of Christine Kullberg

    Christine Kullberg

    Vice President, Marketing

  • A professional photo of Rachel Gibson

    Rachel Gibson

    Vice President, Legal

  • A professional photo of Mike Fazio

    Mike Fazio

    Head of Value-Based Care

  • A professional photo of Kayln Bartley

    Kayln Bartley

    Head of Human Resources

Discover new possibilities

Discover new possibilities

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